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15 December 2017

GIRL WITH ATTITUDE, a top race mare that won in excess of $120,000, had gone on to become a broodmare.  During her breeding years she produced five foals, and of those three have been winners.  Sadly her broodmare career was cut short when she was bitten by a snake and died. It is her last foal ABOUT THE ATTITUDE or as the Hawke’s lovingly call him “ELROY” that we begin our tale.


“Elroy born healthy and happier leggy foal, everything was going fabulous until two weeks after he was born his mum was bitten by a snake and died. We searched high and low for a surrogate mum and so many people in the industry got behind us to try and locate a mare. However we were not successful.  Elroy was losing condition so fast and was skin and bone. We seriously didn’t think he would make it.


In the meantime Elroy had made friends with another foal in the paddock at the stud he was at which was Sutton Lodge, run by Ray and Anne Grubb.


As he had become such good friends with this other foal Ray suggested we see if the other mare would take Elroy on and raise both foals.  It was a one in a million shot and it worked. The mare took on Elroy as if he were her own foal.  The mare was also in foal at the time so was feeding and raising two foals whilst also in foal. It was an amazing experience to witness. She even let both foals drink at the same time. 


This was only a temporary solution as we didn’t know how the mare would handle feeding two foals. With the permission of the mare's owners Peter and Marie Neil, they allowed us to use the mare up until Elroy was fighting fit and eating on his own.  After the mare was returned to the Neil family we stabled Elroy for a few months feeding him up before he went to Ross Angove’s spelling property. 


Elroy now named ABOUT THE ATTITUDE had a great two year old season with 3 wins and multiple placings. He went on to win JUVENILE HORE OF THE  YEAR at Canberra last year. 


We are so blessed that he survived all of this and made it to the races. It is hard enough getting them to the races let alone after everything he went through.”


The Hawke’s are so grateful to Ray and Anne Grubb, who got up during the night countless times to ensure he was feeding.  Marie and Peter Neil for so kindly providing the mare and Ross Angove. Without all their help and support ABOUT THE ATTITUDE wouldn't be where he is today. The story typifies the generosity and goodwill of the people in harness racing.  We hope this story puts a smile on your face as it is definitely a lovely tale!

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