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The J L RAITH MEMORIAL – Harness Breeders NSW will always remain a perpetual memorial to Jack Raith in addition to this race named in his honour for 3YO Fillies.

Jacob Lauder (Jack) Raith (1895 - 1968) formed the NSW Trotting Horse Breeders’ Association (today known as Harness Breeders NSW) in 1951 and he was its founding President.  Their early platform included positive identification, fertility tests and limitation of services.

Jack Raith was a dynamic personality and served the standardbred breeding industry for many years as an owner, breeder and administrator. He was a co-founder of Prestonville Stud at Windsor, that stood successful stallions in the 1960’s and 70’s in Goose Bay and Hyperbole.

He was probably the most dominant influence in persuading the authorities to programme more races for young horses. Many of today’s two and three-year-old features races were instigated during his reign.

He was President of the Breeders’ Association up until his sudden death on 27 April, 1968. At the time he was also a Committeeman of the NSW Harness Racing Club, a position he had held since 1954.  

Trotting was his great love. As a young small boy living in Glebe, he could be found on race days sitting on Scotchman’s Hill where Wigram Road passed the old Leger at Harold Park watching the horse he loved fighting for supremacy.

Jack Raith had many activities during his long and fruitful career. He was the founder of ABBCO Bakery – the first man to introduce automatic bread-making machinery and slicing of bread.

He founded the NSW Yeast Company and co-ordinated the whole of yeast production throughout Australia.

He was the consumer’s representative on the Government-appointed Baking Industry Panel and independent arbitrator between employers and employees, both parties holding him in the highest esteem.

He served on the Board of the Sydney Hospital and had the distinction of being appointed a Life Governor.

The “J L Raith Memorial”, first run at Harold Park in 1969 (and now run at Tabcorp Park Menangle), has seen some wonderful fillies win the race including MARGARET SHANNON, THE PRIVATE DANCER, FOUR PENNY DARK, ASHLEES BABE and more recently READ ABOUT LEXY and PARTYON. 

Image:  CENTURY ANN, the winner of the Inaugural J.L.RAITH MEMORIAL, in 1969.


1969 CENTURY ANN (WD Wood) 2:12.4

1970 BONNIE FROST (J Noble) 2:07.0

1971 ALIPES (K Raw) 2:06.0

1972 ROYDON ROUX (D Mangos) 2:05.2

1973 LAPAEL (B Cashman) 2:06.2

1974 LE RUISSEAU (M Adams) 2:05.8

1975 MILFORD MARY (L Chant) 2:05.0

1976 BILLIE SIMON (W Picken) 2:04.2

1977 MARGARET SHANNON (J O’Sullivan) 2:06.1

1978 EVA THOR (M Grant) 2.03.6

1979 TOLIVER GIGI (F Wilkins) 2.04.5

1980 ASHTON LASS (K Dowd) 2:03.6

1981 GLOOMY LASS (C Watts) 2:04.5

1982 JUDITH KELLY (T Storch) 2:02.6

1983 KARAMEA DUPLICITY (BJ Forrester) 2:03.4

1984 GREAT AMBITION (BP Hancock) 2:02.6

1985 ORIEL PALMS (BJ Forrester) 2:04.9

1986 SPRUCE CAROL (B Duragin) 2:03.6

1987 RING OF LIGHT (AD Turnbull) 2:06.1

1988 THE PRIVATE DANCER (CA McDowell) 2:03.0

1989 KAPPARELLE (DR Hancock) 2:02.6

1990 FOUR PENNY DARK (LT Jones) 2:04.7

1991 MERRY SCOTCH (BJ Forrester) 2:02.2

1992 IN A WHISPER (LR Bennetts) 2:01.1

1993 PENNY THE PUSSYCAT (AM Donohoe) 2:02.3

1994 MISS PAULA (BP Harpley) 2:04.9

1995 YOUNG WHIZ (MA Tracey) 2:00.9

1996 YERONGA SONGBIRD (RW Jack) 1:59.0

1997 DIAMOND INTHEROUGH (GW Innes) 1:59.5

1998 EMMA’S JOY (G Sarina) 2:02.1

1999 OUR LADY RENA (MA Tracey) 2:01.8

2000 TUPELO ROSE (TE Demmler) 2:04.3

2001 PALACE STAR (C McDowell) 1:58.5

2002 ELECT TO LIVE (N Brady) 2:00.5

2003 ASHLEES BABE (P Morris) 2:05.0

2004 PETOUSA (W Honan) 2:00.0

2005 MISS BUBBLES (K Baron) 1:56.7

2006 THREEPENCE (J Ogden) 1:57.5

2007 DANCE OF LIFE (B Fitzpatrick) 1:58.6

2008 DONT FALL FOR ME (L Smart) 1:57.5

2009 IMA SPICEY LOMBO (B Fitzpatrick) 1:58.2

2010 IM A HAPPY GIRL (J Alchin) 1:58.8

2011 RAINBOW DASHER (A Bucca) 1:53.0

2012 MARQUESS DE POSH (B Fitzpatrick) 1:54.5

2013 MUSICAL DELIGHT (N Jack) 1:53.1

2014 NIKE FRANCO (C Alford) 1:52.6

2015 READ ABOUT LEXY (BJ Hewitt) 1:53.5

2016 OUR DREAM ABOUT ME (NZ) (M Purdon) 1:53.4

2017 PARTYON (NZ) (M Purdon) 1.51.3

2018 OUR BARE KNUCKLE (NZ) (M Purdon) 1:51.5


James Rattray 1:50.3

2020 DR SUSAN (NZ)

Trainer: Cran Dalgety /  Driver: Anthony Butt 1:52.1


Trainer:  Paul Fitzpatrick / Driver:  Cameron Fitzpatrick 1:52.7


Trainer: Cran Dalgety / Driver: Jack Trainor 1:51.8


Trainer: Amanda Turnbull / Driver: Amanda Turnbull 1:57.0


j l raith 2022.jpg

Image:  JUST REMEMBER ME (NZ), winner of the 2022  J.L.RAITH MEMORIAL


Image: TIN TIN JO, winner of the 2023  J.L.RAITH MEMORIAL

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