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30 April 2018

It came to the time to find a preparer for our two Auckland Reactor colts.  I was told that Wayne and Ingrid Slattery from Briddon Park did Sales Preparing.  I rang Ingrid to see if they would take the job of preparing my standardbreds.  They agreed but explained they had never prepped standardbreds.


Wayne and Ingrid grew up with and worked horses all their lives.  I had full confidence in them.


Wayne started his apprenticeship Farrier at the age of 14. Working mostly on standardbreds and working under the experience of John Doughty. As time went by Wayne expanded his horsemanship dealing with warmbloods, saddle breaking, behavioural problems and breeding


Ingrid’s travel led her to eventing then at the age of 17, on to Gallopers. Ingrid’s experience working in the field of vet nursing is a big advantage in their business venture now.

Briddon Park has been up and running fully now for five years. It is a 100acre property on the Illawarra Highway, Moss Vale.

Their Services Consist of:


# Broodmare Agistment

# Breeding and foaling

# Sales Preparing

# Farrier and hoof care


Time came to send my boys to Briddon Park. A few days later my husband and I visited to see how they were settling in.  Wayne had already started the process of educating. Wayne’s technique is different from other preparers. Within a couple of weeks my scruffy, overbearing little colts were transformed into well behaved, tidy yearlings. Wayne and Ingrid encouraged me to visit anytime to watch the progress, and I was very impressed with the excellent horsemanship.


The boys were ready. Wayne and Ingrid drove them up Saturday evening to the Bathurst Crown Yearling Sales.  My husband and I met them at the stables. They had a rough trip up going through traffic and a storm. My boys came off the float quite calm. They retired to their stables where Ingrid gave them their dinner.

On the morning of the sale, I was preparing our lunches, Wayne and Ingrid were already down at the stables organizing the colts.


Waiting for our turn in the wash bay, I watched other yearlings being washed. When it was our turn my boys were still and compliant, that made the job quick and easy.  All through the day both colts behaved, and they looked great.

This was both Wayne and Ingrid’s first time at a Standardbred Yearling Sale. They were impressed. I asked Wayne if he would consider working with more Standardbreds, he told me that he has always liked the Standardbred‘s nature and that they would begin to incorporate them into their business.


I suggest, Standardbred breeders, to consider Briddon Park for next sales. My husband and I were pleased with the handling of our colts and the friendship we have made with Wayne and Ingrid Slattery from Briddon Park.

Briddon Park are located on the Illawarra Highway at Moss Vale in NSW.  Ingrid can be contacted on 0413 01 4369

By Linda Markesinis (HBNSW Committee Member)

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